Boscastle 2004

James Downes
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Boscastle flood in 2004

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Boscastle 2004
  1. Effects on people: Damage to and lose of property, Insurance claims, loss of income and no lives were lost
    1. Effects on the environment: Trees were uprooted
      1. Physical Causes: Heavy Rainfall, Impermeable ground, Confluence of two rivers and topography of the surrounding area
        1. Human Causes: Impermeable urban surfaces and the bridge
          1. This was a major flood for this area. There were many reasons for this flood taking place, for example; steep slopes causing surface run off, impermeable rocks which doesn't let water through, heavy rain causing added water, the bridge was blocking water as the flood was happening and this will increase the flood, a narrow floodplain causing little space for water, increase urbanisation which means people will be effected and there is a close Harbour and the exit to that is small so water will be pushed back.
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