An Inspector Calls - Characters

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Created by 9arush over 5 years ago
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An Inspector Calls - Characters
1 Sybil Birling
1.1 Obsessed with etiquette
1.2 Not a good mother figure
1.3 incapable of sympathy or remorse
1.4 refuses to learn from the inspetor
1.5 Turned down Eva's last plea for help
2 Arthur Birling
2.1 head of the family
2.2 obsessed with social status
2.3 business is important, people are just 'cheap labour'
2.4 dislikes the inspector challenging his authority
2.5 Set in his ways and refuses to change
2.6 Fired Eva Smith from his company
3 Gerald Croft
3.1 takes no responsibility for his actions
3.2 shows us no one is immune to being closed minded
3.3 had a relationship with 'Daisy Renton '
4 Eric Birling
4.1 Is a drunk
4.2 Honourable intentions but questionable actions
4.2.1 steals money from Arthur to give to Eva / Daisy
4.3 Gets Eva/ Daisy pregnant
5 Sheila Birling
5.1 most moral character in the play
5.2 Ashamed with her parents by the end
5.3 Sees the error of her ways
5.4 Had Eva fired from her last job
6 Inspector Goole
6.1 Voice of the working class
6.2 seems supernatural
6.2.1 Goole = ghoul ?
6.3 unintimidated and unconvential
6.4 image of God / moral conscious
7 Eva Smith / Daisy Renton
7.1 to be admired
7.1.1 described as a good worker
7.2 to be sympathised with
7.2.1 her parents are dead
7.3 voiceless & defenceless

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