Poetry Comparisons

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Poetry Comparisons
1 Telephone Conversation
1.1 Themes: Relationships/Loneliness/Isolation
1.1.1 Comparison 1: Hide And Seek HaS=narrative TC=story (third person) Both portray an event where experience gained Main speakers both experence isolation
1.1.2 Comparison 2: War Photographer Back from War - alone with experience Caesura used Repetition (rule of 3)
1.1.3 Comparison 3: A Mother In A... Helpless=poor child born into poverty (disadvantage) Metaphor comparisons Vivid imagery
2 Once Upon A Time
2.1 Themes: Childhood to adulthood/Loneliness in society/Change
2.1.1 Comparison 1: Half Past Two Childhood, innocence, reminiscing Make up words 'Gettinguptime' Both start 'Once Upon'
2.1.2 Comparison 2:Hide and Seek Both have a theme of loneliness Both start positive and end negative Titles symbolise a traditional childhood
2.1.3 Comparison 3: Poem at 39 Both look back at childhood Both envy the younger character one starts negative (PA39) and the other starts positive (OUAT)
3 War Photographer
3.1 Themes: War/Death/Suffering/Pain
3.1.1 Comparison 1: A Mother... Have similar themes and religious ideas/imagery
3.1.2 Comparison 2: Prayer Before... Ideas of pain Suffering in the world, turn to God
3.1.3 Comparison 3: Do Not Go... Both have a regular structure Rhyme scheme despite negative and angry themes
4 The Tyger
4.1 Themes: Innocence VS experience/Religion/Fear
4.1.1 Comparison 1: Piano Structure mirrors content Same AABB rhyme scheme Talks about childhood with linked ideas of innocence
4.1.2 Comparison 2: Once Upon a Time Based on innocence and experience Symmetrical poems-innocence + experience reflect "they" and "thee", doesn't directly say who but reader can guess
4.1.3 Comparison 3: A Mother... Religious imagery in both Innocence of child Both have fear within them
5 My Last Duchess
5.1 Themes: Death/Love/Loneliness
5.1.1 Comparison 1: La Belle... Myth of many cultures traditional ballad Reminiscing (one more obvious), shows death Unrequited love
5.1.2 Comparison 2: Sonnet 116 Negative imagery Dramatic monologue (personal) Caesura (breaks rhyme)
5.1.3 Comparison 3: Once Upon A Time Reminiscent of past Enjambment Stanza size mirrors differing ideas
6 A Mother In A Refugee Camp
6.1 Themes: Death/Childhood/Love/Loss
6.1.1 Comparison 1: War Photographer AMIARC-current war WP-previous war Enjambment More sensual language
6.1.2 Comparison 2: Prayer Before Birth Spoken from child's point of view Expects pain and suffering in PBB Spiritual (both) but PBB is less vivid
7 Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
7.1 Themes: Death/Family relationships/Suffering
7.1.1 Comparison 1: Piano Juxtaposition in both Negative Piano=innocence+experience DNGG=experience
7.1.2 Comparison 2: A Mother... Both use powerful adjectives DNGG=dying old AMIARC=dying young Explicit death described
7.1.3 Comparison 3: Remember Titles=imperitive verbs Both about realationships Both want to end the suffering
8 Remember
8.1 Themes: Death/Relationships/Love/Loss
8.1.1 Comparison 1: Do Not Go... 2nd person pronoun Remember=positive Do Not Go...=negative Imperitive verbs
8.1.2 Comparison 2: Poem at 39 Remembering love Remember=short stanza 39=lots of stanzas Peaceful death
8.1.3 Comparison 3: La Belle Dame... Amount of stanzas/structure Talks of the speakers experiences Intensity of love

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