Components of a Computer System


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Components of a Computer System
  1. Hardware
    1. Definition: The physical components of a computer
      1. CPU (Central Processing Unit): Processes all the information received from the hardware and software.
        1. Motherboard: The main circuit board within a computer linking all of its main components.
          1. RAM: The 'short-term memory of a computer where the data currently in use is kept. RAM memory is volatile.
            1. Solid State Drive: Non-Volatile Memory storage used to store and access data, much like a computer RAM
            2. ROM: the built-in computer memory that can only be read not written ex. the programming that runs the computer. ROM memory is non-Volatile.
              1. Hard Disk Drive: Non-Volatile Storage where the computer main memory is stored. Contains moving parts.
              2. Graphics Card: An internal board that creates a picture on a display.
                1. Sound card: an expansion card used for producing sound on a computer.
                  1. Input and Output Devices
                    1. Output: any external device that receives data from the computer for output
                      1. Monitor
                        1. Speakers
                          1. Printer
                            1. Projector
                            2. Input: A device that sends data to a computer
                              1. Keyboard
                                1. Mouse
                                  1. Webcam
                                    1. Scanner
                                      1. MICR
                                        1. OMR
                                      2. Storage Devices: Capable of storing data temporarily or permanently.
                                        1. Magnetic Storage: data stored on a magnetized medium. Non volatile and cannot be written ore than once
                                          1. Hard Disk Drive
                                            1. Magnetic Tape drive
                                              1. Cassete
                                              2. Optical Storage: media is written and read using laser assembly. Some types are read-only, some can be written and read multiple times
                                          2. Software
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