Steps To Archery

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Steps To Archery
1 1. Stance
1.1 Your stance balances your body to keep your bow straight. Your feet should be spread apart and even with your shoulders.
2 2. Nnock
2.1 Nocking the arrow attaches it to the bow string while you are performing further steps.
3 3. Set draw hand
3.1 Your draw hand is the hand you will be pulling back with. You have to put it in the correct place to shoot consistently.
4 4. Pre-draw
4.1 You're preparing the bow to be drawn back. This includes past steps and preparing for further steps.
5 5. Draw and anchor
5.1 Pulling the string to the corner of your mouth, or your preferred spot, insuring consistency .
6 6. Aim
6.1 With a bow you aim by looking down the arrow to your target.
7 7. Shot set up
7.1 Preparing to release by getting your arm and back muscles ready to let go.
8 8. Release
8.1 Relaxing the fingers to release the string in one smooth motion.
9 9. Follow- through
9.1 Holding still until the arrow has fully hit the target then slowly lowering the bow.
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