Problems in High School

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Problems in High School
1 Insufficient Student Involvement


  • Insufficient student involvement makes school bland and decreases an athletes stamina. 
1.1 Solution: Reward students who participate.
1.2 Solution: Persuade other students to join in.
1.3 Solution: Participate and make it appear like it is the best thing in the world.
1.4 Solution: Encourage students to join clubs and sports.
1.5 Solution: Allow any student to suggest possible activities
2 Increased Drop-Out Rate


  • An increased drop-out rate causes students to miss out on opportunities a high school diploma offers.
2.1 Solution: Add incentive programs.
2.2 Solution: In-school tutoring
2.3 Solution: Motivational talks
2.4 Solution: Keep students informed on the challenges resulting from dropping out.
2.5 Solution: Keep public education at a low cost.
3 Not Enough Money to Fund Organizations


  • Lacking money to fund organizations causes the group to be unable to promote a change and put its purpose to use.
3.1 Solution: Request increased funding
3.2 Solution: Increase the number of fundraisers.
3.3 Solution: School organizations can team up to produce projects more efficiently.
3.4 Solution: Do free projects in the local community and in school
3.5 Solution: Ask local business to sponsor.
4 Lack of Elective Choices


  • Low elective choices limits what students learn beyond core classes.
4.1 Solution: Increase the number of teacher units.
4.2 Solution: Add school clubs.
4.3 Solution: Switch out the electives that offered per school year
4.4 Solution: Give offered electives a try.
4.5 Solution: Talk to principal and suggest ideas.
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