Plant Responces

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Mind map for Plant Responces in OCR Biology A Module 5

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Plant Responces
  1. Tropism
    1. The Responce of a plant to directional stimulus
      1. Phototropism
        1. Geotropism
          1. Hydrotropism
            1. Thermotropism
              1. Thigmotropism
            2. Growth Hormones
              1. Auxin
                1. Stimulates growth of shoots by cell elongation
                  1. Apical Dominance
                    1. Prevents side shoot formation
                    2. inhibits leaf loss
                    3. Gibberellin
                      1. Stimulates seed germination, stem elongation, side shoot formation and flowering
                        1. Produced in young leaves
                          1. Triggers the breakdown of starch into glucose in the seed
                        2. Indoleacetic Acid (IAA)
                          1. Moved around the plant to control tropisms
                          2. G+A are often synergistic - work together
                            1. And can be antagonistic - oppose each others actions
                            2. Ethene
                              1. Stimulates leaf loss in winter
                                1. Produced by ageing leaves
                              2. Abscisic Acid
                                1. Triggers stomatal closure
                              3. External Stimuli
                                1. Tannins
                                  1. Toxic to microorganisms and herbivores. They bind to proteins in the gut, making the plant hard to digest
                                  2. Alkaloids
                                    1. A feeding deterrent to animals, tasting bitter. Located in the growing tips and flowers
                                    2. Pheromones
                                      1. A chemical released by one individual that can affect the physiolgy of another
                                    3. Commercial uses
                                      1. Auxins
                                        1. Take cuttings from a larger plant
                                          1. Seedless Fruit
                                            1. Herbicides
                                              1. Promote growth - stem buckles
                                            2. Gibberellins
                                              1. Brewing
                                                1. Sugar Production
                                                  1. Fruit Production
                                                  2. Ethene
                                                    1. Speed up fruit ripning
                                                    2. Cytokynes
                                                      1. Prevent yellowing of lettuice leaves
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