Major characters in The Tempest

Megan Jones
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A Levels English Literature (The Tempest) Mind Map on Major characters in The Tempest, created by Megan Jones on 03/24/2014.

Megan Jones
Created by Megan Jones over 5 years ago
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Major characters in The Tempest
1 Prospero
1.1 The audience feel slightly sympathetic for Prospero as he has been usurped from the throne, however his desire for power over the other characters and his speeches cause the audience to dislike him.
1.2 Prospero's knowledge and use of magical powers prevent him from feeling sympathetic. His obsession with these things cause him to treat Ariel badly and keep him under his power for longer than agreed. He also treats Caliban very badly and threatens him with black magic whenever Caliban does not do as he says.
2 Miranda
2.1 Miranda comes across as an emotional, and sensitive character, despite being slightly passive. She has an arranged marriage by her father, Prospero and is almost seen as a prop throughout the play, especially at the end when Propsero draws the curtain to reveal her and Ferdinand playing chess.
2.2 However, in certain scenes of the play, the audience see a more active side to Miranda, which makes her more difficult to grasp as a character. When Prospero discusses Caliban's attempted rape on Miranda, she scolds Caliban for having an attitude showing no remorse. "A thing most brutish". Miranda also declares her love to Ferdinand and states "I am your wife, if you will marry me", yet another moment where Miranda doesn't seem hesitant to express her emotions.
3 Caliban
3.1 Caliban is seen as an "abhorred slave" by the other characters, when in fact he mirrors and parodies many characters in the play. His situation of having the island taken from him, is like that of Prospero who has lost his throne in Milan. Caliban's desire for power also mirrors Antonio's overthrowing of Prospero. Finally, Caliban's plot with Stephano and Trinculo to murder Prospero is a mirror of Antonio and Sebastian against Alonso.
3.2 Caliban could also be seen as a parallel to Ariel, Prospero's other servant. Whilst Ariel is "an airy spirit", Caliban serves Prospero on earth. Ariel maintains a good relationship and his dignity by obeying Prospero's commands, whereas Caliban keeps his dignity by refusing to obey Prospero.
3.3 Caliban also becomes a parody of himself. Despite resenting Prospero for keeping him as slave, Caliban then goes on to offer his services to Stephano and Trinculo, who as usual view Caliban as a monster and a way to make money.

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