ICT and Disability

David  Jones
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David  Jones
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Mind Map on ICT and Disability, created by David Jones on 10/17/2016.

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ICT and Disability


  • David
  1. Visual Impairment
    1. Braille
      1. Keyboard
        1. Display
          1. Printer
          2. Narrator
            1. Speakers
              1. Microphones
                1. Zoom tool
                  1. Screen Magnifiers
                    1. Sheet Music Display
                      1. Keyboard with large print
                      2. Physical Disabilities
                        1. Puff - Sip Switch
                          1. Foot Control
                            1. Eye Typer
                              1. Predictive Text
                                1. Sticky Keys
                                  1. Motor Asssistance
                                    1. Sensors
                                      1. Self steering cars
                                        1. Autopilot
                                        2. Auditory Problems
                                          1. Speakers to project sound louder
                                            1. Text versions of software
                                              1. Subtititles
                                                1. Vibrations rather than sound
                                                  1. Text Notifications
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