The MSM research; Encoding, Duration and Capacity for STM and LTM

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The MSM research; Encoding, Duration and Capacity for STM and LTM
1 Experiment on the Capacity of the STM
1.1 Aim - Whether the pronunciation time, rather than times recalled, determines STM capacity
1.2 Procedure - reading speed was measured. presented with 5 words on a screen. Two sets 1) one syllable words & 2) polysyllabic words.
1.2.1 asked to recall the 5 words in serial order. They recalled several lists of short and long words.
1.3 Findings - considerably more short than long to recall as many as they could say in 2 secs. strong positive correlation with speed&memory
2 Natural Experiment on the duration of the LTM
2.1 Procedure - tracked down grads from an American high school over a 50 yr period.
2.1.1 over 400 were shown photographs and names, some from their yearbook. had to identify faces then names of classmates.
2.2 Findings - 90% correct in recognising faces and names 15 yrs after grad. correctly recalled 80%names & 70% faces 48 after grad.
3 Study on the Duration of the STM
3.1 Procedure - ppts were briefly shown a trigram (three letters such a CGW), immediately asked to count backwards in threes from a given number to stop thinking of the letters
3.1.1 after intervals of either 3,6,9,12,15 and 18 secs, they had to recall the trigram. repeated several times using different trigrams
3.2 Results - 80% could recall trigrams after 3 sec interval. after 18 secs fewer than 10 recalled the trigram. conc = stm is limited to 18 seconds if rehearsals prevented.
4 Study of encoding in STM and LTM.
4.1 Procedure - shown a list of 5 words, asked to immediately recall them in serial order. the list were either acoustic similar words, acoustic dissimilar words, semantically similar & semantically dissimilar. LTM was increased to 10 and recall after 20 seconds.
4.2 Findings for STM -similar sounds = more difficult to remember than dissimilar words. 10% accuracy on strings of similar words. 82% accuracy on dissimilar words.
4.2.1 Findings for LTM - 20 minutes after seeing the semantic similar had a negative effect. much better at recalling words with different meanings.
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