mark 1 project

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my teacher had us write out a story board based on stories in the tag.

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mark 1 project
1 general history of virgina
1.1 sees movement in woods tells chosen smith out of concern he sees it as a way to flirt
1.2 john smith keeps on harassing main girl
1.2.1 john smith goes missing and its a relief over 7 weeks comes back and talks about adevnchers with indians keeps getting annoyed because she keeps on asking about may flower
1.3 of plimth plantation
1.3.1 menchens cusent visiting and coming over on the may flower ship finally sails aspects letter never comes
1.3.2 poet lady " theres this girl who keeps on saying she has such good writing its like god is writes from his own hand into hers" hates idea the hands go god meets husband main preaches kid has a kid out of wedlock so they run away gets married on the road preacher meets girls kid child as a present gets kid a poetry book offen go back to visit preacher dad hubby visits dad for two weeks with 1st child crucible witch hunt breaks out everyone is scared she has trouble getting and staying pregnant asks press to bless baby crazy lady over hears and causes them of using magic accusations continue for weeks kicked out of church lost all friends writing in journal begins to write letter to hubby begging him to come home letter finally shown after hubby comes back finishes journal with help of slave years latter mob breaks in and takes main chick right before sends out slave to get more yarn its to late she watches from the shadows drowns her she escapes with no memory of whats going on deval just playing games hung outside hubby gets back just when she died week later old preacher comes to son and brings kid kid starts asking for mother old preacher accuses her of being bad going back to old ways has slave to help with kid writes to hubby about being accused tries more urgently new child
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