ICT - Data, Information, Knowledge

Lauren Pickett
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Mind Map on ICT - Data, Information, Knowledge, created by Lauren Pickett on 03/25/2014.

Lauren Pickett
Created by Lauren Pickett over 5 years ago
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ICT - Data, Information, Knowledge
1 Data, Information and Knowledge
1.1 Data
1.1.1 Consists of raw facts and figures on their own.
1.1.2 Form - Numbers, words, images & sound
1.1.3 Data can arise from: Transactions, Survey or expirements
1.2 Information
1.2.1 Data which has been processed by the computer, it has context.
1.3 Knowledge
1.3.1 Is derieved from information by applying rules to it, using information to make decisions
2 Encoding Data
2.1 Coded data takes less effort to type it. More data can appear on the screen. It is easier checking if a code is accurate using validation checks.
2.2 Coarsens Precision - encoded data is less accurate than where it came from.
2.3 Value Judgements - A person collecting or entering the data making judgements which code to use

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