Sensation and Perception

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Sensation and Perception
1 Sensation is the stimulation of sense organs
1.1 Perception is the selection, organization, and interpretation of sensory input. perception is Subjective.
1.1.1 Psychophysics - The Study of how physical stimuli are transalted to psychological experience
2 Absolute Thershold, a minimum amount of sensory stimulation that a organisim can detect 50% of the time
2.1 Sensory Adaptions, is a gradual decline in sensitivity due to prolongued exposure. ex, you can no longer smell your perfume.
2.1.1 Except sight due to Saccades - the eye is in constant motion, so our sight does not adapt.
3 Bottom UP, a progression from individual to the whole
3.1 Detect Specific features of stimulus
3.1.1 Combine specific features into more complex forms Recognize stimulus
4 Top DOWN, a progression from the whole to individual
4.1 Formulate perceptual hypthesis about the nature of the stimulas as a whole
4.1.1 examine feature to form a hypthesis Recognize the stimulas
5 Webers Law: States that the size of a just noticable difference JND is a constant proportion of the size of the initial stimulas
6 Gestalt Principles
6.1 Proximity. Things that are close to one another look like they belong together
6.2 Closure. Grouping elements to create a sense of closure
6.3 Similarity. Grouping stimuli that are similar
6.4 Simplicity. Organising elements in the simplist way possible
6.5 Continuity. seeing elements in ways that produce smooth continuation.
7 Transduction is the translation of a sensory stimuli to an electrical signal in the CNS, transduction is the essence of senstation.
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