Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt
1 Religion
1.1 Polytheistic
1.2 Gods & Godess
1.2.1 Animal /human/mix form
1.2.2 Believed controlled everything
1.2.3 From life - afterlife
1.3 Village & city own god/godess
1.3.1 Place worship/honour etc. Temple
1.4 Main God- Amun Re or Ra
1.4.1 Rep. in painting as human wearing crown/ ram
1.5 Anubis
1.5.1 god of dead and embalming Drawn as man with head of a jackal
1.6 Hathor goddess- Sky, Love, beauty, motherhood etc.
1.6.1 Rep- human wearing head dress, disk for sun, snake and cow horns
1.7 Thoth- Writing, wisdom, learning and measurment
1.7.1 rep. man- head of ibis and body of man
1.8 Sobek god of Nile, The army and fertility
1.8.1 Associated with crocodile Rep. as a crocodile or a crocodile with human body
2 Queen Hatshepsut
2.1 One of the many few female pharaohs..
2.1.1 Ruled for about 20 years
2.1.2 Reigned from 1501 BC- 1483 BC
2.2 Achieved peace & prosperity after fighting
2.3 Managed finances.
2.4 Trade encouraged with other parts ofAfrica
2.5 Overthrown by Thutmose III- Stepson
2.5.1 Thutmose III got rid of an evidence that she was pharaoh
2.6 Organised restoration and extension temple
3 Geography
3.1 Valley Nile- Black Land
3.2 Importance of Nile
3.2.1 Farming; Fresh water, wealth and transport
4 Timeline & General
4.1 Dated from 2600-2200 BC
4.2 Know bout them- burial custom & climate
4.3 Writing- Hieroglyphics
5 The Pharaoh & Social Pyramid
5.1 Pharaoh= King
5.2 Pharaoh
5.2.1 Nobles Officials Scribes Peasants

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