Francis Cassavant

Maddie Shand
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Maddie Shand
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GCSE English (Heroes) Mind Map on Francis Cassavant, created by Maddie Shand on 03/26/2014.

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Francis Cassavant
1 Narrator
1.1 biased opinions
1.2 learn about other characters through him
1.2.1 Nicole
1.2.2 Larry
1.2.3 Veterans (Arthur Rivier)
2 Physical Appearance
2.1 describes himself as a monster
2.2 matter of fact description
2.3 disguises his emotions
2.3.1 hides behind a facade scarf
2.4 scared of being recognised
3 Is he a hero?
3.1 hero
3.1.1 jumps on the grenade
3.1.2 doesn't kill Larry
3.1.3 feels guilty
3.1.4 won the tabletennis tournament
3.1.5 knight in shinig armour
3.1.6 wants to do the right thing
3.2 not a hero
3.2.1 went to war for the wrong reasons
3.2.2 jumps on the grenade to kill himself
3.2.3 tries to commit suicide
3.2.4 doesn't see himself as a hero
3.2.5 doesn't save Nicole
4 Character
4.1 timid
4.2 tendancy to worship
4.3 solitary
4.4 obessive
4.5 lacking confidence
4.6 creative
4.7 romantic
4.8 jealous
4.9 suicidal
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