Mojave Desert MEDC

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Mojave Desert MEDC
1 Case study detail
1.1 Cover 57,000 km^2
1.2 The region gets less than 250mm of rain each year
1.3 Covers CA, NV, UT and AZ
2 Uses
2.1 Commerical farming has been done for over 100 years
2.2 Las Vegas has fastest rising population in USA
2.3 Popular with retired people due to year long sunshine. 80% of people in Sun City, AZ are over 65
2.4 Used to be used for mining- gold, copper, silver, lead.
2.4.1 There are still a few Borax mines
2.5 Tourism- main attractions are Las Vegas and Death Valley- which gets over 1 million visitors per year
2.6 Negative impacts of uses
2.6.1 Rapid population growth- depleted water resources
2.6.2 Farming- high water usage, soil erosion
2.6.3 Tourism- high water usage, littering, damage plants, soil erosion (off road vehicles)
3 Management strategies
3.1 Water conservation schemes
3.1.1 Mojave Water Agency gives money to people to replace lawns with desert plants
3.1.2 Vouchers are given to buy water efficient toilets and washing machines
3.1.3 Hotels conserve water- MGM Mirage use drip irrigation to water lawns- less water is used
3.1.4 Water is piped in from the Colorado River and Lake Mead
3.2 National Parks
3.2.1 Death Valley, Zion, Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon
3.2.2 Strict rules on land use- protects native species
3.2.3 Designated roads for off road vehicles to reduce soil erosion
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