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Junior Certificate History Mind Map on Aztecs, created by Shane Buckley on 05/02/2013.

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1 Mexico
1.1 Lake Texcoco
1.1.1 700 years
1.1.2 Modern Mexico City
1.1.3 Land of Prickly Pear Cactus
2 Soldiers
2.1 17 years
2.2 Macahuitl
2.3 Telpochali
2.3.1 pricked with cactus
3 Human Sacrifice
3.1 Gods and Godesses
3.2 Sun dies needs blood to rise
4 chinampas: Floating Gardens
4.1 Food and Farming
4.1.1 maize
4.1.2 Fruits
4.1.3 Vegetables
4.1.4 Maguey cactus Fibres Sap Dried leaves Spine
5 Hernan Cortes-Conquistador
5.1 1519:invasion
5.2 Coinquered 1521
5.3 Diseases
5.3.1 Measles, Small pox, whooping cough, maleria, yellow fever
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