Data Types

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Summary of Data Types in R progrmming

Resource summary

Data Types
  1. Atomic Classes
    1. Numeric
      1. Logical
        1. Character
          1. Integer
            1. Complex
            2. Vector
              1. Same data Type
                1. Only one column
                2. Lists
                  1. Same name for two different variables
                    1. Possible to have different length for each element
                      1. Possible to have different type for each element
                      2. Factors
                        1. Categorical data
                          1. Ordered
                            1. Unordered data
                            2. Missing Values
                              1. NA's
                                1. NaN's
                                2. Data Frames
                                  1. Tabular data
                                    1. Each column can be of a different class
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