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Genre Classification
1 Film genres are identifiable types, categories, classifications or groups of films that have similar techniques or conventions
1.1 Primary film genres include: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Dramas, Horror, Musicals, Science Fiction
2 You can identify what film genre is by the sub-genres. For example, Crime- gangster, detective, mysteries, serial killer,suspense, thrillers
2.1 The generic conventions also shows the film genre because it is features you would expect to see in a particular genre. For example, Horror - isolated settings, storms, teenage protagonists, murder, darkness
3 Titles are often used to showcase the cast and crew involved in the production
3.1 In a title sequence, they typically include: clues about mood and tone, indication of place and time, indication of genre
4 The films starts with a fade in of a sign and an owl on the sign. This emphasises the genre, as the audience don’t know where ‘Privet Drive’ is, creating an intense atmosphere and highlighting the genre of adventure. The owl on the sign creates mystery, as audiences will be intrigued to see why the owl is there, and what is about to happen keeping them engaged.
4.1 The character is introduced by a prop. This makes audiences excited and want to know who is holding this specific object. This is conventional of a action/adventure as it implies this prop is about to be used for a specific reason, implying to readers the action is about to begin.
4.2 The setting is not too distant in the past, which is usually an action, adventure convention
4.3 The night time setting is also conventional as it further builds tension .
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