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Brainstorm for A2 MEDIA by Polly Pritchard

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1 Genre is defined as a style or category of Art, literature or Film with specific traits, plot devices and character archetypes
2 The Five Functions of Genre
2.1 To reinforce cultural ideas and values.
2.2 To create a set of audience expectations
2.3 Creation of characteristics by producers which audiences are more likely to recognise
2.4 A relationship between audiences and producers to minimise chance of finacial failure
2.5 Dynamism and flexiblity: the genre changing and adapting over time.
3 Iconography
3.1 Objects or Symbols that represent a genre, or work of art, specific items becoming symbolic of a genre.
3.1.1 E.G. Car chases, guns, fast cars etc. are all icons of the action genre
3.1.2 Smoking, guns etc. are icons of the Film Noir Genre.
4 Genres are often combined into a genre hybrid, combining the cliches and motifs in film, for example romantic comedies or SciFi fantasy films
5 Altman's Semantic, Syntactic theory.
5.1 Semantic
5.1.1 Concerned with the conventions of a genre that communicate with the audience, for example characters, props, locations, filming style and music E.g. In a film noir we would expect to see cigarettes, trench coats, guns etc.
5.2 Syntactic
5.2.1 Concerned with the relationship between practical elements and narrative structure E.g the Femme Fatale is usually presented as sympathetic originally before being presented as manipulative and cruel.
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