Health and social Care-Life Stages.


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Health and social Care-Life Stages.
  1. Infancy
    1. 0-2 years
      1. Growth and development
        1. Growth is an increase in physical size. Eg. height and weight
          1. Development is the skills and abilities that are learnt through life.
          2. PIES
            1. Physical
              1. Fine motor skills
                1. The use of small muscles
                  1. Drawing, holding a spoon etc...
                2. Growth motor skills
                  1. The use of large muscles
                    1. Walking, Climbing stairs etc...
                3. Intellectual
                  1. Cognitive
                    1. Development of language
                      1. Respond to the world around them using their senses
                        1. If hungry, the child will cry
                      2. Emotional
                        1. Bonding
                          1. Growing closer to and developing emotional attachments to main carers
                          2. Attachment
                            1. The bonding process between a child and it's carer.
                              1. Achieved through close contact over a long period of time
                            2. Social
                              1. Learning about relationships takes place during play
                                1. In early infancy, the infant plays alone as it is not able to think of others
                                  1. Solitary play
                                  2. By the age of 2, infants can play along side others
                                    1. Parallel play
                            3. Early Childhood
                              1. 3-8 years
                              2. Adolescence
                                1. Early Adulthood
                                  1. Middle Adulthood
                                    1. Later Adulthood
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