Human factors in disasters

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AS Biology Unit 1
Human factors in disasters
1 Rapid population growth
1.1 Pressures on the land lead to people living on high risk areas
1.2 Growing number of elderly people
1.3 Growing proportion of very young in developing countries who are vulnerable
2 Deforestation and Land Degradation
2.1 Deforestation to gain farmland, which can lead to flooding and soil erosion contributes to cliimate change
2.2 Destruction of mangroves as coastal areas are developed, also leads to flooding
2.3 Farming in marginal areas and deforestation for fire wood, leads to deforestation
3 Urbanisation
3.1 The development of squatter settlements on areas at risk of Land slides
4 Poverty and Politics
4.1 Earthquakes have much higher death tole in less developed countries
4.2 Developing countries may not be able to afford to prepare for emergency
4.3 Poorly educated population have little access to communication so its harder to prepare
4.4 Difficult to get aid to remote areas
4.5 Corrupt Government may misuse resources

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