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1 Propaganda
1.1 Language and Titles
1.1.1 Made sure he looked like a good guy to the people
1.2 Art
1.2.1 Seen as Ideological
1.2.2 Sculpted in the way he wanted to be remembered
1.3 Coinage
1.3.1 Small Mass Produced
1.3.2 Effective in getting messages to people
1.4 Literature
1.4.1 Res Gestae: Ultimate form of his literary prop.
2 Augustus kept many of the forms of the late Republic and never called himself Emperor, big on Mos Maiorum
2.1 Held more or less absolute power until his death
2.2 Taking of the powers of the Tribunes of the Plebs upon himself that probably signalled the final death knell of any form of republic in all but name
2.3 The members of the Senate never made any serious attempt to oppose him after he defeated Antony.
3 Undertook wars by sea and land
3.1 Civil wars - Not very roman
3.2 Foreign wars - very roman
4 "When i was nineteen, I collected an army on my own account and at my own expense, by the help of which I restored the republic to liberty"
4.1 "By my 6th and 7th consulships, when I had extinguished the flames of civil war"
4.1.1 "I found Rome a city of brick and left it a city of marble" Augustus was an emperor of Rome. He means when he assumed the throne Rome was a city built of brick but he transformed it into a city built of marble. Replacing brick with marble is also a sign that the fortunes of the city were improving, so he also means that he left the city richer than it was when he came to power
5 Rebuilt 82 different temples in the name of the gods
6 The Second Triumvirate
6.1 Its overwhelming power in the Roman state was given full legal sanction and whose imperium maius outranked that of all other magistrates, including the consuls.

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