Input Devices

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Input Devices
1 Keyboard
1.1 Advantages: easy to use, little training, come with computer
1.2 Disadvantages: easy to make mistakes, possible R.S.I, difficult to use for disabled users
2 Mouse
2.1 Advantages: ideal for desktop computers, little training, comes with computer
2.2 Disadvantages: possible R.S.I, requires a flat space near computer
3 Touchpad
3.1 Advantages: useful alternative to mouse, fixed position, short finger movements
3.2 Disadvantages: gloves cannot be worn, sensor affected by liquid
4 Joystick
4.1 Advantages: better gaming experience
4.2 Disadvantages: requires more skill to use, can easily break
5 Concept Keyboard
5.1 Advantages: faster access to certain areas, waterproof
5.2 Disadvantages: limited to options on keyboard, poor for numerical/text input
6 Touch Screen
6.1 Advantages: easy to use, no extra hardware (like a mouse) needed, software can alter what is on the screen
6.2 Disadvantages: not always accurate, more expensive, tiring, not robust
7 Scanner
7.1 Advantages: accurately produce high quality images, image/text can be used in electronic documents
7.2 Disadvantages: take up a lot of memory, possible loss of image quality, (dependent on original quality of image)
8 Graphics Tablet
8.1 Advantages: more natural images can be draw with accuracy
8.2 Disadvantages: expensive, not useful for general selection work
9 Microphone
9.1 Advantages: input sound easily, quicker input of data
9.2 Disadvantages: words can be interpreted incorrectly, quality of sound depends on background noise
10 Webcam
10.1 Advantages: can already be built into computer, new ways of communication, security
10.2 Disadvantages: not always good quality image
11 Barcode Reader
11.1 Advantages: all changes to product uploaded to a database, quick access to data
11.2 Disadvantages: potential misinterpretation of data
12 Optical Mark Reader (OMR)
12.1 Advantages: fast, only one computer needed, more accurate
12.2 Disadvantages: not always read correctly, not suitable for text input
13 Biometric Devices
13.1 Advantages: accurate, difficult to hack (finger print needed), quick
13.2 Disadvantages: possible misread data
14 Sensors
14.1 Advantages: automatic, detect physical quantities outside computer
14.2 Disadvantages: must have an Analogue to Digital Converter (ADC) to work
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