Location Planning

Callum Elsey
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Callum Elsey
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This is my location planning for a music video

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Location Planning
  1. Beach
    1. We thought about setting our video at the beach because the song we have chosen is about memories. Therefore, we thought we could set it here with the thought of the two people in the song having memories here.
    2. Forest
      1. When researching the genre we saw that many music videos were set in a forest. Therefore, to make sure we stick to conventions, we could film in a forest. There are two main forests local to us. These are: Thetford and Sandringham.
      2. Barn
        1. This is another location we are thinking about choosing because this is another location in the countryside. We have also seen this location used in music videos, such as 'hopeless wander' by Mumford and Sons, so feel it would carry on with the conventions found in previous indie-folk videos.
        2. House
          1. To show that the man is now living on his own, We could shoot a scene in his bedroom to show  he's living on his own.
          2. fields
            1. We also saw that many indie folk artists film their videos in large open fields. This is mainly down to the fact that the genre originates from the countryside and this is where we mostly find the fields.
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