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6th grade S.S. World History Mind Map on Mesopotamia, created by Maille Fox on 11/02/2016.

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  1. Fertile Crescent
    1. Fertile
      1. Rich Natural Soil
      2. Crescent
        1. Large Arc, Half a circle without middle
      3. division of labor
        1. An arrangement in which people specialize in specific tasks
          1. Surplus: More of something that is needed
            1. Levee
              1. A wall of earth built to prevent a river from flooding banks
          2. Agriculture
            1. The business of farming, growing crops and raising animals
              1. Domestication
                1. Training animals to be useful to humans
              2. {The world culture is in it} The way people did these things.
              3. City-State
                1. An early city that was a small, independant country with its own laws and government
                2. Between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in what is modern-day Iraq
                  1. Sumer
                    1. An area in southern Mesopotamia
                    2. Irrigation
                      1. A way of supplying water to an area of land
                        1. Canals
                          1. Human-made waterways
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