Implementing Strategies to Develop Speaking Skills in Children with Level 2 Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Implementing Strategies to Develop Speaking Skills in Children with Level 2 Autism Spectrum Disorder
  1. What is Autism Spectrum Disorder
    1. Group of complex disorders of brain development
      1. Difficulties in social interactions
        1. Dificulties in verbal and nonverbal communication
          1. Repetitive behaviors
          2. Levels
            1. Level 1 "Requiring support"
              1. Level 2 "Requiring substantial support"
                1. Level 3 "Requiring very substantial support"
                2. Stage I Project Design
                  1. General Objective
                    1. Integrate strategies to develop speaking skills in children with Level 2 Autism Spectrum Disorder, ages 6 to 7 at Saint Joseph School in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 2016-2017 school year.
                    2. Specific Objectives
                      1. Create an outline of activities to engage students with level 2 ASD
                        1. Provide the teacher with strategies to teach children with level 2 ASD usage of vocabulary appropriately
                          1. Children with level 2 ASD will be able to pronounce the distinctive sounds of a  language
                            1. Apply different strategies to develop articulation in children with level 2 ASD
                    3. Stage III Implementation & Results
                      1. Stage II Research Methods
                        1. Techniques
                          1. Interview
                            1. Structured Interview
                              1. Semistructured Interview
                                1. Informal Interview
                            2. Observations
                              1. Naturalistic Observation
                                1. Non Participant Observation
                            3. Technological Innovation
                              1. Software
                                1. Website
                                  1. Applicatios
                              2. Strategies
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