Hope Quarry and Cement Works

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Hope Quarry and Cement Works
1 Location
1.1 Peak District
1.2 Outskirts of castle ton
1.3 Village of hope
2 What is a Quarry?
2.1 a place tipically, a large deep pit from whihc stone or martericals have or are extracted
2.2 Hope quarry mainly extracts limestone
3 What type of industry is it?
3.1 Primary
3.2 An industry involved in the extraction and collection of natural materials
4 Why was the Location Chose?
4.1 Because it is close to a railway
4.1.1 Meaning easier transportation of the limestone as a train can carry much more that 1 lorry.
4.2 Close to the Cemenet works
4.2.1 meaning low transportation costs again as it is close by to there main buyer
5 What resources does it produce?
5.1 Limestone
5.2 Cement
6 Benefits
6.1 New Jobs Created
6.2 More income for families
6.3 money pumped inti local economy
7 Problems
7.1 Eye sore compared to the natural environment surrounding it
7.2 Destroyed natural surroundings
7.3 More noise and air polluition created from the transportation of the limestone
7.4 Dust and un-clean air created from digging for the stone.
8 Ways of minimising Problems
8.1 Plant trees along the border of the cemennt works to make it less of an eye sore and to make it fit in more.
8.2 Buliding blends in with colour of quarry

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