Sustainable management of the tropical rainforest

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GCSE GCSEs (Geography) Mind Map on Sustainable management of the tropical rainforest, created by a a on 03/28/2014.

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Sustainable management of the tropical rainforest
  1. Ecotourism
    1. Provides a source of income for local people (e.g as tour guides or transport)
      1. Doesn't hurt the environment
        1. Reduces the reliance on unsustainable methods of making money (e.g logging)
          1. Less destructive than normal tourism (e.g less forest cleared for building hotels)
            1. Small scale activity (less pollution from tourists)
              1. Sustainable as a source of income for locals now and in the future
              2. Reducing demand for hardwood
                1. As more are chopped down, there are less of the trees. This increases their price as they have desirable qualities (very dense and hard)
                  1. Their is heavy tax on the imports of hardwood to discourage its use
                    1. In some cases the sale of hardwood has been banned
                      1. In some rainforests logging has been banned
                        1. Examples: Mahogany and Teak
                        2. Selective logging
                          1. Only old trees are felled- most are left
                            1. It's less damaging to the area than felling all the trees in an area
                              1. It's because the general vegetation structure is kept intact. This means that the soil is still fertile as leaf fall remains
                              2. Using horses or helicopters to remove trees is less damaging than building roads and using lorries
                              3. Protection
                                1. Many countries have set up national parks and nature reserves in rainforests
                                  1. In these areas, some activities e.g logging are restricted
                                    1. However a lack of funds can make it difficult to police
                                  2. Laws can be put in place to protect rain forests. For example
                                    1. Banning the use of wood from forests that are managed non-sustainably
                                      1. Banning illegal logging
                                        1. Laws banning logging for certain species e.g mahogany
                                      2. Education
                                        1. International education
                                          1. It would help people realize the damaging affects high demand for wood can have
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