Impacts of Fishing on Ecosystems & Trophic Structure

Madison Burt
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BSc Degree Marine Biology (218 - Human Impacts) Mind Map on Impacts of Fishing on Ecosystems & Trophic Structure, created by Madison Burt on 03/29/2014.

Madison Burt
Created by Madison Burt over 5 years ago
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Impacts of Fishing on Ecosystems & Trophic Structure
1 Changes in fish communities (inc. benthic)
1.1 Changes in community structure - k vs r selected
1.2 Changes in diversity - some species more vulnerable to fishing
2 Large size top piscivorous predators more valuable - lower value smaller herbivorous species
2.1 Reflected in global landings statistics
2.2 Fishing down the food web
3 Reduction in predatory pressure leads to increase in prey populations (if top down)
3.1 Spiny lobster couldn't control urchins anymore due to being heavily fished. Explosion of urchins, so doesn't allow kelp to regrow after winter storms.
3.2 Keystone species - ecosystem forming species - potential loss of whole ecosystem
4 Reduction in competitive pressure
4.1 Increase in competitive species
4.1.1 E.g. Jellyfish population in Black Sea
4.2 Dramatic shifts in community structure
5 Local organic enrichment - discards and trawler damaged animals
5.1 Increases in scavenging species
5.1.1 E.g. crabs
5.2 Anoxia - not a massive issue
5.3 Increase in seabird numbers
5.3.1 Some species benefit by feeding on discards

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