Challenge of Defining a Single Multicultural Education

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Challenge of Defining a Single Multicultural Education
1 Ideals
1.1 Equal opportunities to students
1.2 Students must participate in an intercultural society
1.3 Teachers must facilitate learning to each student
1.4 Schools must end oppression, making students socially and critically active
1.5 Education should be student centered
1.6 Schools must reexamine their educational practices
2 Transformation needed to affect social change: Main goal of Multicultural Education
2.1 Transformation of Self
2.1.1 Examine my prejudices, biases and assumptions
2.1.2 Study and understand how I understand people and everything happening around me
2.1.3 Work towards eliminating prejudices, determine who am I reaching by my teaching methods/style, relearning how my own identity affects their learning.
2.1.4 Be in a constant process of self examination and transformation
2.2 Transformation of Schools and Schooling
2.2.1 There must be a deep examination of all aspects of multicultural schooling transformation Student-Centered Pedagogy Experiences in the classroom for students must be active, interactive and engaging Deconstruct traditional teaching systems and examine them so learn if they are supporting systems of oppression All aspects in school must be refocused to students instead of test scores or school rankings Emphasis in critical and creative thinking, learning skills and deep social awareness. Pedagogy must give students equal potential to reach their max. potential Pedagogy must be flexible for all learning styles in the classroom Multicultural Curriculum Must be studied for accuracy and completeness "Inclusive curriculum" including voices of students in classrooms Curricula must reflect the diversity of learning styles in the classroom Inclusive Educational Media and Materials The materials should be inclusive for all perspectives and voices Students must think critically about media and materials Supportive School and Classroom Climate Teachers must create a positive classroom climate for all students Administrative hierarchies must be examined to see if they produce a positive teaching environment Teachers and administrators must be held accountable for practices that are discriminatory Continual Evaluation and Assessment Educators and schools must continue to examine the standardized test scores and develop alternatives to measure the student achievement Continue to evaluate the success of new programs to provide more opportunities to underrepresented groups in colleges and universities.
2.3 Transformation of Society
2.3.1 The main goal is to have social justice and equity
2.3.2 The multicultural education aims to challenge, shake, expose and critique.
2.3.3 Everyone must apply multicultural teaching and learning principles inside and outside the classroom.
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