Periodic Groups

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This is a mind map of the Periodic Groups.

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Periodic Groups
  1. The Alkali Metals
    1. Reactivity from top to bottom
      1. Group 1A
        1. very reactive
          1. compounds
          2. The Alkaline Earth Metals
            1. Group 2A
              1. Dif. in reactivity shown by ways react with water.
                1. Harder than metals in 1A
                2. The Carbon Fam
                  1. Group 4A
                    1. metallic nature increases from to bottom
                    2. The Nitrogen Fam
                      1. Group 5A
                        1. wide range of physical prop
                          1. fertilizers often contain P
                          2. The Boron Fam
                            1. Group 3A
                              1. contains mostly metals
                              2. The Oxygen Fam
                                1. oxygen is the most abundant element on earths crust
                                  1. Group 6A
                                    1. flammable
                                    2. The Halogens
                                      1. Group 7A
                                        1. highly reactive
                                          1. similar chemical prop
                                          2. The Noble Gases
                                            1. Group 8A
                                              1. extremely unreactive
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