Head Injury

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Head Injury
1 Imagery
1.1 Pounding
1.1.1 extreme headache - onomatopea-metaphor
1.1.2 hitting hard - forcefully - stabbing impact
1.2 white cliffs of my skull
1.2.1 Skull is being compared to cliffs-relentless
1.3 dead bird in a watertank
1.3.1 aimlessly floating , no control over direction-simile
1.3.2 image is repellent , disgusting , horror
1.4 Put a bullet between the birds
1.4.1 Strong , Powerful metaphor
1.4.2 Looking for a merciful quick and painless death, the patient seems to be asking for respect and mercy this metaphor links to previous message where he has likened the patients eyes to birds hence here there is a direct appeal to kill the patent by shooting him
2 Word Choice
2.1 gurgle
2.1.1 a noise a baby would make, in contrast with adult patient, shows how incapable the patient is
2.2 Black
2.2.1 connotations with dark , depression and negetive
2.2.2 Depression is all there is left, going back in a coma
2.3 Mottled
2.3.1 blurred , indistinct
2.4 Agony
2.4.1 Severe intense pain
2.5 Darkness
2.5.1 connotations of blackness and depression
2.6 screams drowned
2.6.1 submerged , suffocated
2.7 on inside it is as if it were a storm raging , but on the outside all is silent and calm , Roger Mcgough recreates patients feelings of entrapment , despair and frustration
2.8 Glimmer
2.8.1 tiny , small chance
2.9 I love you
2.9.1 intimate expression of affection , simple , offering hope
2.10 Squawk
2.10.1 onomatopoeia , ugly harsh sound , frustration
2.11 gurgle
2.11.1 repetition , emphasises patients helplessness
2.12 walk out
2.12.1 patient left alone
3 Sentance Structure
3.1 I do not smile because I am happy
3.1.1 opening of the poem contrasts with the patients outward appearance and inner thoughts
3.2 Agony.
3.2.1 Darkness.
3.2.2 two one word sentances emphisises how he feels and what he sees
3.3 Seeking some glimmer of recognition
3.3.1 Some Sign of recovery.
3.3.2 Repetition of 'some' suggests little likelihood that it will happen , shows despair
3.4 mottled mainly 'black'
3.4.1 repetition of black in previous stanza suggest that everyday is the same and it is depressing for the patient

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