IT Audit Processes

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IT Audit Processes
  1. Audit Plannig
    1. resourse Allocation
      1. Assing Works
        1. Dates (Start,End)
        2. Audit Preparation
          1. Dates,
            1. Assign personal,
              1. Documents
                1. Final report
              2. Preparation and evidence collection
                1. summary plan
                  1. It depends on the type and scope of audit
                  2. Audit Performance
                    1. compilation evidence
                      1. analysis of evidence
                        1. report the found
                          1. using reports of Audit
                            1. answering the report of Audit
                          2. Reporting findings
                            1. Objects
                              1. report scope
                                1. Auditing and testing
                                  1. place
                                    1. work paper
                                    2. Responding to audit result
                                      1. meets requirements
                                        1. assess risks
                                          1. prioritize audit activities
                                            1. threats or vulnerabilities
                                            2. Process life cycles and methodologies
                                              1. Cicles PDCA
                                                1. planing
                                                  1. developer
                                                    1. Check
                                                      1. Act
                                                    2. executes the plan developed
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