Weather and Climate

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Weather and Climate
1 Weather: condition of the atmosphere, changes day to day
2 Climate: Average weather conditions over longer periods in a particular area
3 Meteorology: study of weather and climate
4 Meteorologist: studies weather/climate
5 What do we measure?
5.1 Wind speed and direction
5.1.1 Wind blowing FROM! compass/wind vane
5.1.2 Wind direction: measure anemometer Strength of wind measured on Beaufort Scale Beaufort number 0: calm/ Beaufort Number 12: hurricane
5.2 Humidity:water/moisture in air
5.2.1 units are measured in percentages
5.2.2 measured with hygrometer
5.2.3 uses wet and dry bulb thermometer
5.3 Sunshine
5.3.1 measured with pyranometer
5.4 Precipitation(rain, hail, snow)
5.4.1 Rain Gauge/Automatic tipping bucket gauge Funnel with graduated container/measure mm of rainfall
5.5 Temperature
5.5.1 Measured by thermometer (should have air circulating around it and away from direct sunlight) Stevenson Screen:wooden box with slatted sides/legs to keep off ground/sloping roof/painted white to reflect sunlight
5.6 Air pressure
5.6.1 measured by Barometer measured in millibars (higher number means higher air pressure)
5.6.2 air is light but because so much above us, it exerts a pressure
5.6.3 Anticyclone: high pressure, air falls --> no clouds/clear sky (In summer: clear sky/settled fine weather, Winter:clear sky/cold temp)
5.6.4 Depression: low pressure area/, air rises ---> rain/unsettled weather
5.7 Cloud cover and visibility
5.7.1 measured using units called Oktas (1 okta = 1/8 sky covered by clouds)
6 Synoptic chart: summarises weather symbols at that time, using weather stations, satelites, planes, balloons
7 Cloud types: according to height and shape
7.1 circulonimbus
7.2 stratus: look layered
7.3 nimbus: bring rain
7.4 cumulus
8 UK Climate
8.1 4 seasons
8.2 Mild climate (as in temperate climate zone)
8.3 different temperature/rainfall in different parts of UK
8.4 South: warm Summer/ North: cool Summer
8.5 West: mild Winter/ East: cold Winters
8.6 West:wetter/ East: drier
8.7 why does it rain more in the west?
8.7.1 winds from atlantic ocean bringing moist air
8.7.2 lots of highland areas in the west
9 What affects temp in UK?
9.1 Altitude
9.1.1 Temperature decreases with altitude (as you go higher) as air higher up is less dense. (1 degree drop in temp as you go up 100m altitude)
9.2 Latitude
9.2.1 further North --> less sun (high on Equator) therfefore cooler temp as you up North
9.3 Ocean currents
9.3.1 depends on whether the ocean current is a warm or cold one
9.4 Distance from sea
9.4.1 affects temperature of areas on coast. keeps area cooler in summer and warmer in winter (why: because sea takes longer to warm up and cool down than land area)
9.5 Prevailing winds
10 Types of Rainfall
10.1 Convectional Rainfall
10.2 Relief Rainfall
10.3 Frontal Rainfall
11 Weather hazards: extreme weather event
11.1 tornado
11.2 fog
11.3 storms/floods
11.4 droughts
11.5 tropical storm
11.6 Effects
11.6.1 Deaths/injuries to humans/animals
11.6.2 poer cuts
11.6.3 damage to buildings
11.6.4 homeless
11.6.5 land damage eg farm land
11.6.6 damage to environment
11.6.7 affects economy
11.6.8 affects tourism
12 Why does it rain?
13 Isotherm
13.1 a line of equal temperature
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