The Eightfold Path

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Created by maddieisproductive over 6 years ago
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The Eightfold Path
1 Right Understanding
1.1 This means having the knowledge of Buddha's teachings and agreeing with them
2 Right Speech
2.1 Trying to speak the truth and nicely 1) Not lying 2) Not swearing 3) Not gossiping 4) Not saying things that divide people
3 Right Intention
3.1 Doing things for the right reasons and with good intent
4 Right Action
4.1 Not killing, injuring, stealing or cheating on your or with someone else's partner
5 Right Livelihood
5.1 You can't make a living selling something harmful like guns or drugs
6 Right Effort
6.1 To make an effort to be positive rather than negative
7 Right Mindfulness
7.1 To always remember a strong sense of calm and have a strong sense of self
8 Right Concentration
8.1 The ability to keep concentration and have a calm and peaceful state of mind and be able to meditate.

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