Levels of Questions


Mind Map of levels of questions for reading comprehension
Letaunia Coleman
Mind Map by Letaunia Coleman, updated more than 1 year ago
Letaunia Coleman
Created by Letaunia Coleman almost 6 years ago

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Levels of Questions
  1. Level 1 Questions
    1. Also called: "Right There" Questions
      1. Questions can be answered using information
        1. Questions can be answered in 1 word or 1 sentence
          1. Level 2 Questions
            1. Also called: "Putting it Together" Questions
              1. Questions can be answered by looking in the text
                1. Answers Require 1 or more sentences
                  1. Level 3 Questions
                    1. Also called: "Making-Connections" Questions
                      1. Questions often begin with: "How is this like...?";
                        1. "How is this different from...?";
                          1. "How is this related to...?"
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