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SUPERVISOR; is typically tasked with the responsibilities for the security staff at work site or a group of sites.   ( T ) Supervisor are typically required to have a border to understanding of administration and operation not same like guards.   ( T ) Supervisors are not the fire fighters but they can solve the problem of small fire. ( T ) Being a supervisor is the same as a line employee.    ( F ) In a security job you must be able to speak (English) or Arabic. ( T ) Dealing with workplace conflicts is supervisor job.  ( T ) A supervisor can be a good coach if he has following qualities? (Confident, Honesty, Accountability, Good & Oriented. ( T ) For supervisor have three reports. (Operational, Administrative, Management).   ( T ) Sup. Represent to guards to company, company to guards, client to guards and guards to client. ( T ) Sup. Is a key link between guards, company, management and client? ( T ) A supervisor should know the risk factors of a site. ( T ) Supervisor should inspect the site three times. ( T ) In a supervisor prospective all guards are same.  ( F ) Leadership is not a job it is an activity. ( T ) Sup. Directly works with client representative and guards may work alone. ( T ) Anyone can be a leader. ( T ) Sup. Can use red pen for checking the note book of guards. ( T ) A supervisor act on observation of guards that affect the client. ( T ) Sup. Mostly communicate with everyone (guard, client, public & manager). ( T ) Leadership is the ability to inflows and motivates people to do something. ( T ) As supervisor one of your primary roles is client's satisfaction.  ( T ) Note book is not only for supervisor protection but also for guard's protection. ( T ) Managers are planners and supervisors are implementers.  ( T ) Motivation + satisfaction= Hard working employee.  ( T )

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A supervisor ensures that guards are properly prepare for and can carry out and assignment.  ( T ) Sup. Has specific accountabilities of three groups, (employee, company & client.) (T) Accountabilities- means that you have ownership of your responsibilities. ( T ) Supervisor can solve problem but cannot solve the all problems. ( T ) Security supervisor can investigate only guards not police. ( T ) It is ok if a supervisor makes a mistake proving that he learns form that mistake but he doesn’t keep it secret to his manager. ( T ) A supervisor should know about labor contracted information of an employee and he should tell the employee hen ask about the contract. ( T ) Sup. Is responsible for inspecting guards and supervising guards. ( T ) As a good sup. Not only gives orders. ( T ) A good sup. Should know how to dealing with difficult people with positive attitude. ( T ) If a sup. Not checked guards note book he will be in trouble. ( T ) Communication is very important for a supervisor. ( T ) When supervisor inspect the site he should write his note book. ( T ) A sup. Can turn negative situation in to positive by his positive attitude. ( T ) There are some differences and similarities between supervisor and guards. ( T ) Leadership is the ability to influence and motivate people to do something, influence and motivate means to persuade and encourage someone to act in a certain way. ( T ) Client expectations are (security, assistance, knowledge, problem solving.  ( T ) Supervisor should know about risk assessment of the site. ( T ) Leadership is quality of influence and motivation. ( T ) Security supervisor face problem if guards moral is law. ( T ) If client is assignation to sup. & guard; so, you should mention in NSI note book. (T) Sup. Knows the rules and law of ministry of labor office. ( T )

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If a guard performs well so supervisor should report to management. ( T ) Sup. Is responsible for one or more sites. ( T ) If you assigned a guard for traffic control he need (torch, vest). ( T ) Two types interview, formal &n informal. ( T ) Interview=is a conversation with a purpose. ( T ) Teamwork means working in cooperation towards a common goal. ( T ) Teamwork can be achieved by 4C’s. ( T ) If you arrest someone red handed you must restrain them. ( T ) Radio cord; C+ Charlie. ( T ) Narrative reports consist of …..Body, introduction & summary. ( T ) Emergence; is the occurrence happens unexpected and requires immediate action. ( T ) Robbery is a manmade hazard. ( T ) Aspect of deportment? Uniform, behavior, posture, demeanor, conduct. ( T ) Moral can be good are bed. ( T ) One of the client need and expectation to solve the problem. ( T ) One of the causes of misconduct includes poverty. ( T ) Leadership qualities are= integrity, farness, openness. ( T ) Things not to do with difficult people=argue, rude languages. ( T ) Impartial is a part of = reliable, honest, truth worthy. ( T) Private security is not a guard service but also a range of other activities. ( T ) Not book has a list of common offense and fines for Security Company. ( F ) Private Security Company is responsible with- client, PSBD, & guards. ( T ) You should report an incident to –client , company .( T ) Misconduct – peer pressure, opportunities, frustration & rationalization. ( T ) Security guard can write management report. ( F ) When writing a report always remembers to in cloud 5W & 1H. ( T ) Reports have two parts (cover page & narrative). T

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How may foams of discipline- (verbal, written, monetary, loss of status). T Morale? Is the mantel condition of an individual or group with regard to the task at hand?  ( T ) Leadership is the ability to inflows and motivates people to do something. ( T ) Enforcing the security law with fine and prosecution through a process of daily monitoring and review. ( T ) Guards are often called to deal with the fire both, large & small. ( F ) Dealing with police you should know, officer name, rank, contact no. and police station case no.  ( T ) You most one paid your salary through the wages protection system. ( T ) It is bather to use black ink for print documents. ( T ) A procedure is a written set off instruction that described how to perform a particular act or sequence of act. ( T ) What is mental condition? It is a feeling rather than something tangible. ( T ) One of the fundamental roles of security is to assist in an emergency. ( T ) Managers are implementers and supervisors are planners. ( F ) Three types of risk: - personal, property & liability. ( T ) Being a supervisor is not the same as a line employee.  ( T ) Both management and leader are skilled task in an organization, but while manger providing direction and leader carry an organization forward. ( T ) Supervisor has specific accountabilities of three groups: - employee, company & client. ( T ) Security work is teamwork, there is always a team either right there or in the back ground. ( T ) Effective communication is skill of being able to give someone the right message in the right way to ensure that it is understood as intended. ( T ) Everyone has a right to use force to defend them- selves.  ( T )  Swearing in public is not a crime in this country. ( F ) How to deal with prejudice personality: - ignore it, address it, tell to someone & change your own behavior. ( T ) Motivation scarification is hard working employees. ( T )

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Motivation – to motivate is to create a situation that causes someone to act in a contain way. ( T ) Satisfaction- to satisfy is to do something that creates a sense of qualification. ( T) Continual improvement is a strategy for service success; it means always looking for a way to improve your service process. ( T )  An emergency situation could be manmade or natural. ( T ) Complain can be made; verbally, in writhen, anonymously (by unknown person). T Risk management is the common term for the management risk to an organization assists from potential threats. ( T ) Aspect of deportment; uniform, behavior, posture, demeanor, conduct. ( T ) Risk management can be applied through 6 sanders principals, political, business operation, location type of work, environment and employees.  ( T ) Site inspection purpose; inspection of work quality, confirmation of work, performance to client, confirmation of contract compliance & inspection of equipment’s. ( T ) Interview can be formal and informal. ( T ) The most powerful tools are your ‘eyes’. ( T ) Profession; The person with skills and attitude to do their job in a best way possible.  ( T ) Discretion; is the careful use of judgment in each individual situation to decide how to act.  ( T ) Ethics; knowing the difference between good and bad, right and wrong & recognizing moral duties and obligation. ( T ) Impartial; that is important that you are neutral and unbiased (balanced) in your work. ( T ) Integrity ethics having qualities of –Reliability, Honesty & Trust. ( T ) Deportment; is the way guards present themselves to the public and consist of a number of factors, *uniform, behavior, posture, demeanor, conduct.* ( T ) Security awareness; guards are expected to be aware of the surrounding and activities at a work site. ( T ) The key of awareness is knowledge. ( T ) One of the most important role of security guard is observe and report. ( T )

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Three types of radio are; portable radio, base station radio & car radio.  ( T ) Incident scene as any place where something had occur that need to be investigated whether or crime has occurred. ( T ) Evidence is anything that is factually based and can be used to assist someone in coming to a conclusion or judgment. ( T ) Types of customers that primary client, people who deal with your client & public. ( T ) Being a good coach require that you are practice five specific behavior in your work place.  (Respect and cooperation, trust, learning, support, empathy).   ( T ) Law; A body of rules which regulate government and member of society and recognize and sanctioned by government and society together. ( T ) Three sources of law Shari’s law (Islamic law), stature law (penal code), customary law (al- erf). T Guilt of crime; sane, mature, not under duress. ( T ) Weapon; is something used for the purpose of threatening or intimidating a person. ( T ) Prejudice; is bias (unfairness) against someone of something because of personal believe. ( T ) Stereotype; it is an individual behavior that makes assumption about people or cultures as a group. ( T ) Discrimination; treating some people different from other on the basis of race, religion, gender and ethnic background. ( T ) Access control is controlling the movement of people, vehicle, material and information into and out of the site. ( T ) Two basic requirement of personal access are determining identity and determining the level of access. ( T ) Patrol is touring around the specific area to providing prevention and detection of problems. ( T ) Five types of patrol: - reactive, proactive, control area, random & directed. ( T ) Four common ways of patrol; - foot patrol, bicycle, vehicle & visual. ( T ) Five senses will use on patrol; - sight, hearing, smell, touch 7 taste. ( T )

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Never carry any kind of weapon unless it has been authorized by your company. ( T ) Three major types of alarm; - intrusion alarm, fire alarm, trouble/ Distress alarm. ( T ) Alarm has three major parts: - sensor, control panel & annunciator. ( T ) Control room is indented to be a place, where the security functions can be coordinated. ( T ) Accident scene may be a crime scene so must report to police. ( T ) Fire required three elements: - fuel, heat & oxygen. ( T ) Fire classifications are; class A, B, C, D & E. ( T ) If a small fire alarm grow before it can be put out by you always activate building fire alarm. ( T ) Bomb threat; when receiving a threat it is important to act calmly and get as much information as possible. ( T ) If you found a suspicious item do not touch. ( T ) There are 3 standard methods of bomb search; - grid, concentric circle& bottom to top.  ( T ) Suspicious item can be anywhere and almost found in anything. ( T ) Three major type of emergencies; - danger of life, danger to health, danger to property. ( T ) If you arrest someone red handed you must restrain them. ( T ) A supervisor can be a good coach if he has following qualities? Confident, honesty, accountability, good and oriented. ( T ) Robbery is a manmade hazard. ( T ) Sup. Has border of understanding of administration and operations then guards. ( T ) Dealing with workplace conflicts is sup. Job. ( T ) Principal of being a good coach that you are practicing five specific behaviors. ( T ) Assets are 3 things. ( T ) Seven7 step of problem solving. ( T ) High morale employee will stay long in the company. ( T ) Team work can be achieved by 4 C’s. ( T 0 Performance assessment can be formal or informal. ( T ) Sup. Is responsible for the action of his guards. ( T )

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Leadership is the ability to influence and motivate people to do something, influence and motivate means to persuade and encourage someone to act in a certain way. ( T ) Four C’s = collaboration + cooperation + creativity + clarity = teamwork. ( T ) Effective communication is skill of being able to give someone the right message in the right way to ensure that it is understand as intended. ( T ) Dealing with difficult people is an inevitable part of security work most contacts you make in this profession will be positive or neutral, some will be negative. ( T ) Client expectation; - security, assistance, knowledge, problem solving. ( T ) Risk management is the common term for the management of risk to an organization’s assets from positional threats. ( T ) When sup. Inspected guard’s location; he should check guards NSI notebooks. ( T ) Motivation + satisfaction= hard working employee. ( T ) Leadership is quality of influence and motivation. ( T ) Integrity consists of honesty and trust worthy. ( T ) Site order is necessary for new location security guard to know location rules. ( T ) Risk assessment has 6 basic standards.  ( T ) Sup. Can interview how many people, (3 people).  T Teamwork means that everyone wants to win.  ( T ) After the bank robbery allow witness to talk with each other. ( F) Complain can be made (3). T Forms of discipline (4). T Supervisor can investigate guard and police. ( F ) Moral is interest & inspiration. ( T ) Moral can be good or bad. ( T ) Sup. Must follow the company policy during daily duty and shift changing time. ( T ) Coaching can include; a) sharing expertise b) advise how to deal with situation c) advising on correct behavior  d) supporting individual skills development and growth  e) defining work goal  f) providing employee development through coaching has a number of benefits. One of the causes of misconduct includes poverty. ( T )

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Circumstances calling for an internal investigation can be identified by client or PSBD. ( T ) Sup. Can use red pen for checking the notebook of guard. ( T ) Private security is not guard service but also a range of other activities. ( T ) You should inform about an incident to, (client & your company). T A sup. Is typically tasked with the responsibilities for the security staff at work site or group of sites. ( T ) Private companies are responsible with client, PSBD & guards. ( T ) Being a sup. Is the same as being a line employee ( F ) Impartial is part of? a) Reliable b) Honest c) Truth worthy. ( T ) Report has 2 parts, cover page & narrative. ( T ) Narrative report has 3 parts, introduction, body & summary. ( T ) You most one paid your salary through the wages protection. T Three3 rick, a) personal b) property c) liability. ( T ) As a sup. One of your primary roles is client’s satisfaction. ( T ) To be accountable mean to be responsible or answerable for something. ( T ) Morale: - mental condition – it is a feeling rather than something tangible. ( T ) Motivation: - to motivate is to create a situation that causes someone to act in certain way. ( T ) One of the fundamental role of security is to assist in an emergency.  ( T ) In case of bank robbery or kidnapping S/G n use necessary force. ( T ) Sufficient evidence means when you think the person commit a crime not when you had seen they have committed a crime.  ( F ) All the very best!!!

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Step to solve problem.                   a) 7            b) 10              c) 11      d)   none of the above. Interviews are.......................          a) Formal and informal           b) formal and regular   c) face to face  d) All of the above. You have specific accountable to group....................................       a) employees, record & salary       b) police relation, client & public                          c) employees, company and clients   d) all of the above Qualities of a good leadership are........................... a) six    b) eight      c) seven     d)  none of the above. Ability to understand and be sensitive to the needs of people without always to be told.....................                                                                               a) sympathy    b) sensitivity    c) dialogue     d) empathy. Ability to encourage desired people to do their best .....................................                                                                                                                                                                                                                   a) professionalism              b)  discouragement                c) encouragement . To treat everyone properly or evenly any circumstances...............                                                                                                                                           a) Discretion            b) ethics    c) judgment   d) fairness. You should deal with directly.....................                                    a) completion of work                  b) presentation of guard                                            c) quality of service                      d) all of the above. allows you an opportunity to integrate new staff into existing one.                                                                                             a) Preparation        b) comparing               c) orientation                d) discrimination. Realities that might be related with site security....................................              a) complete maps.         b) site orders                                                     c) illustration of breaks and meals with safety information                  d) all of the above.                    e) none of the above. Useless behaviors are......................    a) reliability   b) honesty   c) frustration   d) peer pressures  e) a & b   f) c & d. ........................... is the most effective way to bring out a desired goal according to set instruction.                                                                                  a) dialogue                 b) body language                 c) team work                      d) none of the above. How many personnel can be involved an interview .......................                               a) police, judge & prosecutor                                                        b) client, witness and guard.                    c) public, guard and police. You may be interviewed by the client ..............................                a) To provide services for new business                                                                     b) To determine guards performance               c) To improve quality if service. Witness can be interviewed ..............................           a) for justification of crime     b) gathering information about a scene                                   c) for help.

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Cultural diversity in the UAE  differentiates the local against the expatriates by .......................    a) 23%     b) 27 %    c) 85%    d)  15%. Employee can't work an environment where they are dealt by their race, religion, gender and ethical background.                                                   a) prejudice               b) stereotype               c) discrimination                d) discretion. A security guard can be proved stereotypical by ....................                                                                                                                                                     a) uniform exposure                    b) the way to duty                              c) sleeping picture while on duty. We can remove  the stereotyped feeling from the eyes of a client by ......................                                                                                                             a) posting extra staff on site              b) disciplined security guards                     c) to keep unauthorized persons. What makes the situation worse on work site for guard...............................                      a) bad performance        b) client visiting                               c) complaints             d) public. .......................... is the mental condition if an individual or group with regard to a task.                                                                                                      a) physical condition.               b) morality                 c) bravery      d) all are correct. Factors that influence the employee loyalty .................... against the injustice.                                                                                                                        a) satisfaction and clarity of work               b) immorality and un satisfaction of job. What can keep a security engaged...............                a) pending of leaving request       b) providing of most overtime opportunities                    c) neglecting the necessities of guard. One of the effective skills is ....................................           a) To promote guard salary                b) To set a perfection standard                                     c) To choose a right person for a right time.     d) to choose the wrong person for the right job. ...............................   effects the qualities of a security guard.                      a)motivation                 b) cheering                                                                   c) coaching     d ) none of the above. Benefits of coaching are.......................................                   a) unsureness of job                    b)  create  misconduct                                                        c) client satisfactions. Turning a negative situation into a positive by ....................................              a) ignoring the situation        b) be confident in work                             c) act professionally           d) only b & c If can't deal with difficult person............................                   a) leave the matter as it is               b) contact client                                                            c) call supervisor    d) none . ........................ makes the business effective.                a) guarding security personnel          b) number of security guards                                           c) client satisfaction. Five specific behaviors for proper coaching of a guard.............................          a)  respect and cooperation           b) trust                                             c) learning    d) support    e) empathy  f)  All of the above.  g) none of the above.

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One result improper or failed services by a security guard can be.................................     a) questioned mark of security   b) dissatisfaction of client    c) quality of services   d) except  C" Difficult people are always in ..............................  a) majority to effect    b) minority to effect    c) superiority   d) large number. Be realistic and flexible when you deal with..................   a) cooperative personnel   b) unpredictable personnel   c) prejudice   d) good person. Complaints always refer to ....................................   a) satisfaction   b) purification    c) allegations   d) all of the above. Always incompatibility problems should be taken as.......................................            a) service                       b) traffic rule                                               c) conflict                   d) none of the above. Sometimes ......... is not root cause of problem.    a) Atmosphere   b) environment   c) symptoms or indicator  d) not A" Threats of work place security......................................... a) Harassment   b) violence    c) substance abuse    d)  all of the above. Never hesitate to call for help.................... a) police   b) civilian    c) manager   d) all of the above. Always brings the issue into open account for discussion before.................................... a) Come to a solution   b) come to a problem   d)  dialogue   d) note Always be............................ with the warning signs of the work place.      a) negligent   b) aware   c) familiar   d) unaware. Customer service is the service provided by customer service department only.   ( F ) How many types are there for problem solving?                          a) 7   b) 10      c) 3    d)  none of the above. If a guard did some mistakes, the supervisor is accountable even he was not in the site at the time.     ( T ) Sup. duties include protection of people, property and information.  ( T) Leadership is not an activity.   ( F ) Effective communication is the skill of being able to give someone the right message in the right way, does not matter understood is intended.   ( F ) How many points for continual improvement?        a) 6     b) 10   c)  3   d) none of the above. Sup. has specific accountabilities to 3 groups.      a) Employees, company & client     b) employees, company & police. Some of the causes of bad morale.         a)  absenteeism     b) high employee turnover    c) poor work quality.   d) jealousy or fighting among staff.    e)  all of the above.    Everyone can win through team work.      ( T )

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If you guard commits a mistake you can refer for termination.    ( F )    ( T ) If you guard practiced prejudice, as a  supervisor you will ignore it.   ( F )    ( T ) Sup. can visit a site randomly or planned.    ( T ) Money is the only motivator.  ( F ) There are 2 types of report for a supervisor, administrative and operational.   ( F ) You can not interview witness.    ( F ) There are 2 types of report for a supervisor, dominative, operational and management.   ( F ) How many principles for risk identification.   a)  6    b)  5    c) 3    d) one of the above. Orientation is done by the client only.    ( F ) Model yourself after a successful supervisor watches the performance of someone you consider a good supervisor.   ( T ) To something that creates a sense of gratification.    a) Satisfaction     b) fairness   c) challenge   d) non of the above. Coaching is one of your most crucial tasks as a supervisor.    ( T ) Benefits of coaching.       a) employees perform better   b) client satisfaction is enhanced   c) higher morale    d) makes your job easier   e)  All of the above. Qualities of coaching.    a)  confidents   b) honesty   c) accessibility    d) goal oriented   e) effective communication   f) enthusiasm   g) role model      h) All of the above. Risk identification.     a)  location  b) environment   c) employees  d) political   e) type of business   f)  all of above. Risk assessment.    a) asset evaluation   b) threat analysis   c) effect or impact   d) all of the above. What are some common possible ways of reducing risk?   a) analysis    b) decision making    c) documentation    d) all of above. The benefits of properly site orders are:-  a)  consistency    b) accountability   c) references   d)  contract compliance   e) clarity of service.  f) All A police is a written statement that indicates the position of the organization.    ( T ) Continual improvement has............................... parts.   a) effectiveness     b) efficiency   d) does it truly result an improvement  d) All of above.

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......................................... plays the role of  a gate way for client to provide quality of security  for business.    a) client representative                          b)  HR  department   c) A supervisor. Responsibility of a supervisor is .............................................................  a)  ensuring the monitoring system of client business                                     b) accountable according  to law to the employer     c) not accountable  for himself and others   d) none of the above. A supervisor typically requires to have border understanding of administration and operation than his guards.   ( T ) Supervisor must make patrol....................for his site.                   a) plan     b) book    c) idea   d) all of the above. Orientation.....................................     a)  mountain climbing         b) desert ruling   c) introduction to site.  d) none of  above. The most important tool in dealing with difficult people particularly a client is your attitude.      ( T ) As a supervisor perspective all guards are the same.            ( F ) Do not use hard word like slang language in your note book.    ( T ) Workplace conflict can be related to problem between people whether client, staff and the public.    ( T ) The best way to deal with workplace conflicts is to deal with small problems before they become bigger  (  do nothing).  T Training is usually divided into two categories  . !) knowledge based. 2) skill based.   T New sup. is determining the best way to direct the work of others.         ( T ) Sup. and guard both are operationally based while on duty.       ( T ) An employment visa automatically becomes a residence visa after ............ months.      a) 3          b) 1            c) 5       d) none of the above. A sup. must be familiar with the requirements of labor card.   ( T ) Only labor ministry has the right to approve the contract for employee.    ( T ) Contract information is set by local Ministry of labor  .     ( T ) Quality always defines a common goal.    ( F ) A good communication may not resolve a problem.    ( F ) To motivate the people or influence for common cause or goal, set by a bad leadership.   ( F ) Supervisor is a trade mark between client, company and security guard services for security duties.   ( False)                                                                                            Thank you for reading & good luck                               #  Yuvraj Sunar.

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