Lac Operon

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An example of prokaryotic gene expression that allows the switching of the metabolite used from glucose (preffered) to lactose.

Sophie Barrett
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Lac Operon
1 The product of the Lac Z gene = beta-galactosidase. It cleaves lactose into glucose and galactose
2 The product of the Lac Y gene = lactase permease. It transports lactose into the cell
3 The product of the Lac A gene = beta-galactoside transacetylase. It is also involved in lactose hydrolysis
4.1 The path of RNA polymerase is blocked
4.1.1 transcription of the Lac genes cannot occur saves energy, there is no need to have the proteins since lactose is not present Only a few Lac enzymes remain in the cell, but these are crucial
5.1 The few Lac enzymes present allow the lactose to be taken up into the cell
5.1.1 These few lactose disaccharide molecules are metabolised One intermediate is allolatose Allolatose, an isomer of lactose, acts as an inducer Binds to the lactose repressor Changes it's confirmation Lactose repressor can no longer bind to the operator The path of RNA Polymerase is no longer blocked Transcription of the Lac genes commences Uptake and Metabolism of Lactose from the environment So allactose acts an indicator of the presence of the lactose
6 But, if glucose if present, the cell will use it preferentially.
6.1 The cell uses a Catacolic Activator Protein (CAP) to detect available glucose
6.1.1 CAP binds to DNA upstream of the lac promoter This enhances the binding of RNA Polymerase, increasing transcription But, it can CAP can only bind in the presence of cAMP cAMP levels are influenced by glucose conentration How? Adenylyl cyclase cataylses the formation of cAMP and is inhibited by glucose

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