Religion and Government

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Section which covers- Prayers in Parliament, The Lords Spiritual, Defender of the Faith, Lords Spiritual, Defender of the Faith, Should Religion be involved in the workings of the State?

Celeste Drouin-Davis
Created by Celeste Drouin-Davis almost 3 years ago
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Religion and Government
1 Prayers in Government
1.1 Before the debates begin, the House of Lords and the House of Commons both say a specialist prayer.
1.1.1 To bless the debates
1.1.2 The House of Commons' prayer is said by the speaker.
1.1.3 The House of Lords' prayer is said by a Lord Spiritual- The senior Bishop
1.1.4 The prayer is optional.
1.1.5 People stand and face the wall because in the past, people would not have been able to kneel with swords
2 The Lord's Spiritual
2.1 The House of Lords is the upper house and the second chamber to parliament.
2.1.1 They review the proposed legislation from the House of Commons
2.2 Lords Spiritual rarely attend and only one of them is needed for them in order to do the prayer at the beggining.
3 Defender of the faith.
3.1 King Henry was given the title of 'Defender of the Faith' after releasing a book on the sacraments of marriage.
3.1.1 This title was revoked after he broke away from the Roman Catholic Church Parliament gave him back the title, but this time as a 'Defender of Anglicanism' All monarchs have been appointed the tile of 'Defenders of Anglicanism' Prince Charles said that 'I personally would rather see my future role of Defender of Faith, not the Faith'
4 Should religion be involved in the workings of the state?
4.1 YES
4.1.1 It is impossible to seperate religion and politics as they are both crucial parts of life
4.1.2 Religious believers have moral responcibility to campaign for political issues that follow their faith
4.1.3 Religious believers have always been involved in important political changes. such as the demolition of slavery and the campaigning against racism.
4.1.4 It is important to put the will of God before man
4.1.5 Religious people encourage more money to be spent on things such as education and hospitals
4.1.6 Religion can ensure that the government acts in a good and moral way
4.2 NO
4.2.1 Atheists may resent the religious involvement in secular matters
4.2.2 Religious believers should be more concerned about their spiritual development rather than politics.
4.2.3 The UK is a very developed society and has many religions within it. Maybe it would reduce conflict by taking away Christianitys involvement in politics.
4.2.4 Romans 13:1- 'Everyone must submit themselves to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God'

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