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The list of contents that I might use on My music Magazine.

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List of articles on Contents Page
  1. Regulars
    1. Reader's diary
      1. This section is for readers to share their experience of previous gigs, festivals and other music events that they attended to. Information will be gathered through live video sessions on Facebook and online discussions on twitter allowing readers to post photos and short stories about their experiences.
      2. New to Ellision
        1. This is an interview-like space, where we talk to an artist or band that haven't been on the Elision Magazine before. We will discuss more light-hearted topics than those covered in the cover story, but give them a brief chance to show who they are and what kind of music they make.
        2. Albums
          1. New and upcoming albums will be discussed and promoted in this section, allowing the readers to take part in online voting using a hashtag #ElisionMusic, on which music album is best sold on the market right now, giving them a chance to win that album.
          2. Access to Music Genres
            1. This is where we talk about different genres of music giving the fact of the month about each music genre included, allowing the reader to build on their knowledge on different genres.
            2. What's on; Festivals and Gigs
              1. Monthly calendar guide for upcoming music events, festivals and gigs relevant to the different genres of music artists and bands, within the UK and some other Countries where big events may happen.
            3. Features
              1. Cover star interview
                1. The main double spread page interview, which will cover all sort of questions allowing the reader to really get to know new artist and their music. Also allowing the artist to bond with the audience and promote their upcoming concerts.
                2. "Rock Artist/Band"
                  1. The interview with famous Rock genre artist or band to appeal my very mixed audience, and to let other genres of music and different professionals to shine.
                  2. On the TOP
                    1. This will probably going to be another story on a different genre of music artist or band which is on the top of their carrier right now.
                    2. Jazz is..
                      1. The more expanded version of "Access to Music Genres" on the regulars side. Which will only appear in a while to give a bigger picture of a different genres of music.
                      2. Where are they now?
                        1. Looking back on the artists who had been on the Elision magazine as the new artists and where they are now.
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