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1 Why is there a need to rebrand? (Urban)
1.1 Cities need branding because:
1.1.1 Crime Antisocial behaviour Vandalism
1.1.2 Poor neighbourhoods
1.1.3 deprivation
1.1.4 Poor schools
1.1.5 Limited services
1.1.6 Birmingham Issues 9.1% unemployment 37.1% no qualifications Rebranding strategies The Cube The Mailbox The Rotunda ICC Centenary Square '24-hour city' Players Urban Splash Matt Kelly Councillor Birmingham City Council The Big City Plan
2 Why is there a need to rebrand? (Rural)
2.1 Cornwall
2.1.1 Reasons for rebranding Most deprived county in 2004 Brain Drain Local GDP is 75% of national GDP
2.1.2 Rebranding strategies Eden Project Growth of outdoor sports CUC local graduate schemes Neutralize 'Fifteen' Jamie Oliver restaurant Training disadvantaged local young people
2.2 Reasons
2.2.1 Agricultural change Diversification
2.2.2 Local depopulation The young relocate
2.2.3 Changing rural economy
2.2.4 Rural services disappearing
2.2.5 Lack of transport
3 Key terms
3.1 Rebranding
3.1.1 Developing a place to reposition its image and change people's idea of it, helping to 'sell' the place to a target audience.
3.2 Regeneration
3.2.1 Positively transforming the economy of a place that has displayed symptoms of decline.
3.3 Reimaging
3.3.1 Positively transforming the economy of a place that has displayed symptoms of decline.
3.4 Image of Place
3.4.1 Geographic perceptions of places. Images create this perception.
3.5 Place v Space
3.5.1 Spaces are geographical locations. Places are spaces that have been given meaning by people.
4 Why does the coast need rebranding?
4.1 Blackpool
4.1.1 Past 17 million tourists
4.1.2 Today Struggles to get more than 10 million tourists 11 year period, 6% drop in businesses 2006: average person was paid 23% less in Blackpool than in the country as a whole Multiple deprivation: key issue
4.1.3 1980s Package holidays took away tourism
4.1.4 1990s Northern cities took away Blackpool's weekend tourism
4.1.5 7% unemployment
4.2 Coastal issues
4.2.1 Economic activity
4.2.2 High crime
4.2.3 Poor housing
4.2.4 Poor health
4.2.5 Low educational attainment
5 Rebranding involves a focus on:
5.1 Social
5.1.1 To overcome the spiral of decline, deprivation and the cycle of poverty
5.2 Economic
5.2.1 To improve job opportunities and bring income to the area
5.3 Environmental
5.3.1 To improve derelict infrastructure and the quality of the environment
5.4 Political
5.4.1 To raise money for projects through the 'bid industry', which is necessary for successful rebranding
6 Fieldwork and Research you have/could carry out to find out if an area needs rebranding (How would you build a place profile):
6.1 Fieldwork
6.1.1 Place Check
6.1.2 Questionnaires
6.1.3 Interviews
6.1.4 Photos
6.1.5 Environmental survey
6.2 Research
6.2.1 Place profile demographics GIS Blogs Quotes

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