Preparatory Offences

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Preparatory Offences
1 Section 61
1.1 Administer Substance with Intent to Commit Relevant Sexual Offence
1.1.1 Administer? Spiked drinks Chloroform (on cloth)
1.1.2 Substance? Can be alcohol if not consented Date-rape drug
1.1.3 Without consent
1.1.4 Intend to stupefy or overpower
1.1.5 ANY person
2 Section 62
2.1 Commit ANY offence with Intent to Commit Relevant Sexual Offence
3 Section 63
3.1 Trespass on Premises with Intent to Commit Relevant Sexual Offence
3.1.1 Premises? Tent Vessel Vehicle Garden and house are NOT same premises
3.1.2 MUST intend to commit on SAME premises
3.1.3 Trespass? Reckless 1. Foresee some consequence 2. Go on to take risk anyway Deliberate
4 Common factors
4.1 Relevant Sexual Offence?
4.1.1 Most EXCEPT those is Child Protection (e.g. child photos, etc)
4.2 Max sentence - 10 years
4.2.1 EXCEPT if other offence is KIDNAP or FALSE IMPRISONMENT then it is LIFE
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