Generative Questioning

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This is a mind map analysing where generative thinking is occurring or not occurring in the unit, a significant local site (the history of school, Year 2).

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Generative Questioning
  1. Question Formulation Technique (The Right Question Institute, 2016)
    1. STEP 1. Use a questioning focus to generate questions
      1. Activity 5 (See, think, wonder) - students use the stimulus of photographs from the past to pose questions.
        1. Activity 7 (Cuisenaire rods)- Within this activity students play with and explore images of past students using Cuisenaire rods. Students use the images and the artefact, Cuisenaire rods to pose questions.
          1. Activity 8 (the Milk Scheme) - Students explore and learn about the Milk Scheme through examining photos of the Milk Scheme and through conducting an interview with somebody who was apart of the scheme. Student questions are created in response to the photographs and the need to interview somebody who has experienced the scheme.
            1. Activity 9 (Summative assessments) - Students are required to conduct interviews to gather further information for the creation of their peg timelines on a topic of their choice. Students use the stimuli of interviews to pose their questions.
            2. STEP 2. The Rules
              1. Rule 1. Ask as many questions as you like
                1. Rule 2. Do not stop to discuss, judge or answer questions
                  1. Rule 3. Write down every question as it's stated
                    1. Rule 4. Change any statements to questions
                2. None of these rules are used or mentioned in the unit of work.
                3. STEP 3. Produce questions (using a question focus)
                  1. Questions produced using a question focus
                    1. Activity 7 (Cuisenaire rods) - Students the use question foci of Cuisenaire rods and photographs to generate questions
                      1. Activity 5 ( See, think, wonder) - Students use the question focus of images of their school from the past to inspire question generating
                        1. Activity 8 ( the Milk Scheme) - The students use the question foci of the need to interview and photographs from the past to generate their questions .
                          1. Activity 9 (Summative assessment pieces) - Students use the question focus of the need to interview to generate their questions
                          2. Questions produced NOT using a question focus
                            1. Activity 1 and Activity 4 (Think, puzzle, Explore) - Students are required to produced questions about the history of the school (without a prompt or stimulus for inspiration).
                          3. STEP 4. Improve the questions
                            1. Nowhere in the unit do students analyse the types of questions asked (open or closed).
                              1. Students are not given the chance to revise, better or improve their questions.
                              2. STEP 5. Prioritise questions
                                1. Select questions based on a criteria
                                  1. In the unit students are not given any opportunities to choose or select questions based on a criteria.
                                2. STEP 6. Next steps
                                  1. Next steps involves considering how to put the questions into action.
                                    1. Activity 4 (Think, puzzle, explore)- In this activity students consider how they will find/explore the questions posed in Activity 1, Activity 3 and Activity 4.
                                  2. STEP 7. Reflection
                                    1. This step involves students reflecting on work the undertaken, what they have learnt or how to apply their learning in other situation.
                                      1. There is no reflection anywhere in the unit.
                                  3. Hunting English question strategies (Huntingenglish, 2012)
                                    1. Effective questioning
                                      1. Identifies prior knowledge
                                        1. Activity 1 (Think, puzzle, explore) - Students use their prior knowledge to create facts and questions.
                                        2. Thinking is made visable
                                          1. Activity 1 and Activity 4 (Think, puzzle, explore) - Students' thoughts and questions are placed on a think, puzzle, explore chart.
                                            1. Activity 4 (Think, puzzle, explore) - Students' questions are placed onto strips of paper.
                                              1. Activity 5 ( See, think, wonder) - students' questions around past images are placed on see, think, wonder charts.
                                            2. Questions are evaluated and reflected upon
                                              1. Reflecting and evaluating on the questions produced does not occur anywhere in the unit.
                                                1. In the unit there is no opportunity given to students to analyse the questions or to assess the quality of their questions .
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