Essential Questions

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This mind map is examining the presence and absence of essential questions in a year 2 history unit involving exploring students' school's history

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Essential Questions
  1. Big questions framing the inquiry
    1. In the unit program there is mention of three overarching questions that students will explore and learn about.
      1. The essential questions are never mentioned or brought up to the students. These key questions are never made visable to the students.
        1. Question 1. What aspects of the past can you see today? What do they tell us?
          1. Students are provided with opportunity to explore this question in Activity 3 - What makes you say that? Students observe and identify signs of the past and state why they believe they are signs of the past.
            1. Students are given the opportunity to explore this question in Activity 6 - Old and new photos. Within this activity students compare and contrast two photographs of the same location taken at different times ( a photo taken that day, and a photo that was taken sometime in the past). Students view the photos and record changes and similarities on a Venn diagram.
            2. Question 2. What remains of the past are important to the local community? Why?
              1. Within the unit there are no explicit opportunities provided for students to answer or consider this question.
              2. Question 3. How have changes in technology shaped our daily lives?
                1. Within the unit there are no explicit opportunities provided for students to consider or answer this question.
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