Edward Thomas poetry

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Edward Thomas poetry
1 Passing of Time
1.1 Gone, Gone Again (AKA Blenheim Oranges)
1.1.1 Written in August 1916 after he applied for commission to fight abroad. 'Blenheim Oranges' are actually apples. 'Blenheim' is also a palace is Oxfordshine. Connotes aristocracy, Englishness, History as well as war.
1.1.2 "Not memorable// Save that I saw them go" He had watched the months pass and had perhaps felt boredom The time had passed quickly and he hadn't thought much of the years he had spent on his own- therefore feeling the guilt that he was able to see what they would never see, The fact they weren't 'memorable implies he remembers very little of the time that had paased and had not thought to cherish the time he had had left.That time was something he had very little of did not occur to him. He perhaps feels guilt about survivng the war when others had not. He had watched the young men leave and he is therefore feeling the guilt.
1.1.3 "Outmoded, dignified// Dark and untenanted"
1.1.4 "And when the war began// To turn young men to dung
1.1.5 "In its beds have lain// Youth, love, age and pain:
1.2 March
1.3 Old Man
1.4 Aspens
2 Strong Emotions
3 War
3.1 Aspens
3.2 This is no case
3.3 Gone, Gone again
4 Seflishness
5 Guilt
6 Englishness
7 Nature
7.1 March
7.2 Old Man
7.3 But these things also
7.4 Melancholy
7.5 The Glory
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