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  1. Characterisitics
    1. Sly
      1. It was T.J's idea to dig the hole to mess with the white children's school bus
        1. Sneekely takes Stacy jumper away from him
        2. Attention-seeking
          1. "There had been much talk lately concerning T.J. and the Simms brothers, all of it bad." (p.183)
            1. People are talking about him behind his back.
          2. Emaciated
            1. Acts confident but is actually vulnerable, insecure?
              1. Wants a gun to impress
                1. Makes him feel powerfull
                  1. Wants respect
                    1. Respect earned only if you are white
                2. Vulnerbale
                  1. "... it was obvious that the jovial mask T.J. always wore had been stripped away." (p.145)
                    1. Because of his own actions he is unhappy, and not so confident anymore
                  2. Poorer than the Logans
                    1. The need to feel rich
                      1. Jelousy towards the Logans
                    2. Avery Family
                      1. Weak "sick" father figure
                        1. Younger brother not treated well
                          1. Contrast
                            1. Poor
                            2. Gets in trouble
                              1. At school
                                1. Cheating on tests
                                2. Tells people that Mama covers up the books
                                  1. Impress the "big boys"
                                    1. Not thinking it through
                                      1. Mama then gets fired
                                    2. Convincing Stacy to give him his new jacket
                                      1. Persuasive
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