Pre-1980's Character Analysis - Dorothy Gale

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maddie Hubert
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Pre-1980's Character Analysis - Dorothy Gale
1 Dorothy had her own goals and hopes and dreams and for a woman in that time, it was seen as unusual for her to be able to achieve them.
2 Stereotypical girl with a dog, but then turns and changed the story line when she meets the munchkins.
3 Dorothy has that thing about her that she has to be liked and do well to all, and hat could be seen that she has that attitude as she is a female.
4 The yellow brick road in The Wizard Oz connotes happiness as that is what the colour yellow conveys therefore Dorothy creates the picture of hope, which then draws more people in as they want to watch a happy film.
5 By there being a witch involved, it creates the stereotypical story line of the antagonist and the protagonist, and as Dorothy is the main character, she is the good.

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