visual communication

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EID 100

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visual communication
1 aesthetics
1.1 How good a product looks
1.2 How well it works
1.3 how easy it is to use
1.4 Functionality
2 Connotative
2.1 Associated meanings
3 semiotics
3.1 study of signs
3.2 Political Semiotics
3.2.1 help the masses rise to a cause
4 Denoatative
4.1 literal meaning
5 Meme
5.1 visual sound byte
5.2 pictures say 1000 words
6 Media controls image content
7 Viral Marketing
7.1 more people watching more people buying
7.2 show the impossible done
7.2.1 their product produced the impossible
8.1 Storytelling is more effective than just telling
8.2 persuade somone to your view
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