American Civil War

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All about the American Civil War

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American Civil War
1 How did it begin?
1.1 Slavery was a big problem in the U.S
1.1.1 Seven states of the south did not want to abolish slavery
1.1.2 The northern states wanted to get rid of slavery
2 When did it start and finish?
2.1 Start: April 12th 1861
2.2 End: May 9th 1865
3 Facts
3.1 A few days after the war ended, Abraham Lincoln was assasinated
3.1.1 He was watching a play in the Fords theatre and was shot in the head He was shot in the head by John Wilkes Booth
3.2 It was America's bloodiest war
3.2.1 Roughly, 620,000 people lost their lives
4 It was a war between the conferderates and the union
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